Advertising Disclosure Statement

You may have noticed that some of the ClydeBank Media digest and newsletter messages now include image and link placements from our advertising partners.

Why Ads?

These ads help ClydeBank Media cover our editorial costs including staff, web hosting, and our email service provider.

Please note that these presence of ads in our email messages does not impact or restrict the information we choose to share.

Do These Ads Impact Your Privacy Policy?

No. ClydeBank Media does not share your contact information with our advertising partners.

You can review our privacy and data sharing policies here.

How Is ClydeBank Media Compensated?

If you should choose to “click through” any of the ads you see, ClydeBank Media may be compensated.

We are not compensated for purchases made by clicking through ads featured in our email messages. Our editorial team screens the offers that appear in our digest to ensure that the offers presented are valuable and of high quality.

Have Additional Questions?

Please reach out to us at if you have questions about our ad program. Alternatively you can simply respond to any of our email messages.

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