Wholesale Terms & Policies

Retail Discount Policy

All hardcover and trade paperback books:

Receive a 55% discount from list price

Are returnable

Are subject to invoice payment terms of 90 days

Will receive a discount reduction of 10% for orders of less than 5 units

Will receive a discount increase of 2% for orders in excess of one carton

To order direct, visit www.clydebankmedia.com/wholesale


Discounts are deducted from the list price of each book. List prices should be considered suggested consumer prices, and retailers are free to price their books as they see fit. List prices do not necessarily reflect the prices at which titles from ClydeBank Media are being sold. Each listed book price is the suggested consumer’s price. All retailers are free to establish their own prices. Suggested prices may be subject to change with or without notice.


In the event that a title published by ClydeBank Media is declared out of print, retailers have 180 days from date of public announcement to return unsold units. Returns will be credited at the current price of the book less the last invoice discount. Damaged units will not be accepted.

Please send all returns to:
ClydeBank Media LLC
P.O. Box 6561
Albany, NY 12206


All invoices are payable at net with 90 days unless otherwise stated. Any claims must be made within 30 days of receipt to be considered valid.

Order Minimums

Orders placed for less than 5 units will receive a discount reduction of 10%, however there is no minimum order size.

Additional Discounts

Orders larger than a single carton are eligible for an additional discount of 2%.

Paperback books have a carton size of 44 units

Hardcover books have a carton size of 30 units


A shipping charge will be added to all invoices ordered direct from publisher.

To Order Online

Visit www.clydebankmedia.com/wholesale to place a direct order

To Speak to a Representative & All Other Inquiries

Contact us at: orders@clydebankmedia.com or call (888) 386-2624 ext. 2

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