Entrepreneurs: Following Your Passion Has Never Been Easier

New author Ken Colwell PHD, MBA shares his wealth of knowledge to demystify the strategic startup and new venture process for new and experienced entrepreneurs.

UPDATED: This title is now available direct from the publisher, on Amazon.com, and at booksellers everywhere.

Albany, NY—ClydeBank Media is proud to announce the release of their newest business and entrepreneurship title, the Starting a Business QuickStart Guide [978-1-945951-82-1, $24.99] from author Ken Colwell PHD, MBA. Mr. Colwell has over twenty years of experience teaching business strategy and entrepreneurship, working directly with entrepreneurs and new ventures, and working in his own successful ventures.

“I believe that starting a business is the ultimate creative act” said Mr. Colwell about the new venture process. “My goal is to help new entrepreneurs understand that they can do this, that many of the barriers that they believe are holding them back are in their head, and how to start a new venture with a strategic mindset.”

The Starting a Business QuickStart Guide starts from the very beginning of a venture—an opportunity—and walks readers through each of the aspects of getting their startup off the ground. Complete with actionable examples and practical advice, after reading this book, new entrepreneurs will be armed with the tools they need to follow their passion.

About the Author
Ken Colwell PHD, MBA is a seasoned strategic and operational leader with extensive experience working within entrepreneurial ecosystems and interacting with relevant private and public sector stakeholders at all levels in order to accomplish objectives. He has consulted for hundreds of start-up ventures and is the principal of Innovative Growth Advisors.

Dr. Colwell is currently dean of the School of Business at Central Connecticut State University. He was previously dean of the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences at Long Island University–Brooklyn. Prior to taking his current decanal post, he was director of entrepreneurship programs at the University of Miami School of Business Administration and a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at Drexel University.

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