Independent Publisher ClydeBank Media Adds Vietnam to Exclusive Distribution List

ClydeBank Media teams up with PACE Institute of Management to reach more readers and learners around the globe

September 8, 2017 Albany, NY—ClydeBank Media is proud to announce that an agreement with international business development organization PACE Institute of Management will soon mean an expansion of their exclusive global distribution. Translated into Vietnamese for the first time, the Lean Six Sigma QuickStart Guide will continue to provide value and actionable information for the future business leaders of Vietnam.

Founded in 2001, PACE is a management development institute with an eye on shaping the competitive profile and the business climate of emerging global players. In the case of Vietnam, PACE is working to build the next generation of business leaders through rigorous training and a comprehensive support framework. Through the recent agreement with PACE, Lean Six Sigma QuickStart Guide will join nearly one hundred other titles on the PACE Business Knowledge Bookshelf. These titles are collected, translated, and recommended to the developing business community in Vietnam, as well as being used as supporting materials in ongoing leadership training efforts.

“This is going to be a great opportunity for me to develop as a business writer, and it will be an important stress test on the concepts in the book. I have already gotten a lot of great feedback on the Lean Six Sigma QuickStart Guide, but translation and distribution to a completely new market will really put the book to the test. I’m looking forward to seeing the results,” said author Benjamin Sweeney.

About ClydeBank Media

ClydeBank Media is a premier independent publisher based in Albany, NY, that produces simplified learning tools for a global audience. Their products are available in a variety of print, digital, and audio formats. Visit ClydeBank Media at, contact them, or call 888-386-2624 for more information.

About PACE Institute of Management

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, PACE Institute of Management (PACE) is a leading school for business leaders and managers in Vietnam. PACE’s mission is “to contribute to shaping a new business society in Vietnam by developing leadership capacity, professional capability and ethical standards for individuals, organizations and community.”

Since 2001, PACE has expanded from solely providing business training to offering a wide range of high-quality programs, resources, and initiatives that expand the knowledge and deepen the skills of Vietnamese business leaders and professionals. Collaborating with well-regarded international partners, PACE also offers training courses leading to globally recognized professional certificates. To date, more than 110 training programs at PACE have been attended by over 105,000 business leaders and corporate executives from local and foreign enterprises. Visit to learn more.

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