Learning an Effective and Practical Approach to Accounting Doesn’t Have to Be a Challenge

Author Josh Bauerle, CPA, shows readers that learning how to execute practical accounting principles is easier than you think

UPDATED: This title will be released October 11, 2018

Albany, NY—ClydeBank Media is proud to announce the release of their newest small business accounting title the Accounting QuickStart Guide [ISBN 978-1-945051-40-1, $19.99] from author Josh Bauerle, CPA. Mr. Bauerle has over a decade of experience across a wide range of accounting roles and founded his own firm CPA on Fire in 2012.

Drawing from his experience working with Fortune 500 companies, as a financial advisor, and as the owner of a successful firm, Mr. Bauerle walks readers through the key elements to accounting principles. Packed with practical examples, the Accounting QuickStart Guide is ideal not only for small business owners and entrepreneurs but accounting students and veterans looking to brush up on the core fundamentals as well.

“I think a lot of people get scared off when the topic of accounting comes up.” said Mr. Bauerle regarding his newly released title. “That’s a problem. As a business owner or decision maker you can’t afford not to understand where your finances stand. I think this book will help a lot of people understand that accounting isn’t as scary as they thought, and more importantly I think this book will save businesses a lot of money.”

About The Author

Josh Bauerle is a CPA and the founder of CPA On Fire, a tax and accounting practice that specializes in working with online business owners. His broad range of experience, including working with Fortune 500 companies, has allowed him to see firsthand the importance of proper accounting at all levels of business, from the billion-dollar companies to the entrepreneur starting an Amazon store from his basement.

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