We are obsessed with staying ahead of the curve.

That means connecting with other people, brands, and communities who share our value forward mindset. We’re looking to build relationships with writers, bloggers, influencers, and others who live, work, and excel in the subject matter spaces we explore.

We view every touch point as a potential oppurtunity, and welcome feedback in all that we do. We are currently seeking the following mutually beneficial content and message amplification solutions:

  • Talented content contributors seeking exposure and byline credit (must have experience writing for selected industry, all pitches subject to approval).
  • Content publishers seeking high quality, informed content to augment their content mix.

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Use the contact form below to submit your pitches. All pitches subject to approval. If approved, ClydeBank Media reserves the right to edit or otherwise modify each submission as we see fit. All submitted work must be your own. We offer our contributors:

  • An inline byline that includes a link.
  • An author box that includes a bio and image (for preferred contributors).
  • Post amplification through our social channels and email subscriber list.

Contributors should note that by submitting content, you agree that you are not entitled to and should not expect any wages, proceeds, or other forms of monetary compensation for your submission(s).

Submissions to our blog do not affiliate you with ClydeBank Media in any kind of employer/employee relationship. As a contributor, under no circumstances should you assert yourself out as our agent or representative. Contributors are not employees or contractors. You are not authorized to, and should not attempt to enter ClydeBank Media, our affiliates, or subsidiaries into obligations or other agreements.

Through submission of content you relinquish any and all rights of ownership. ClydeBank Media can re-publish or distribute the content for marketing and promotional purposes, online or offline, in any medium and mode of delivery as we see fit with impunity.

Publishing Partners

Content publishers seeking high quality, professional content are encouraged to reach out to our editorial team. Our contributor network of researchers, writers, and influencers are eager to contribute to similarly value-forward brands and enhance the experience of your audience. We offer our publishing partners:

  • High quality content that is professionally produced to be engaging and compelling.
  • Original insight and unique perspectives on current and emerging industry trends.
  • An eye for mutually beneficial revenue opportunities.

Use the contact form below to reach out to our editorial team. ClydeBank Media is your world, simplified. With us on your team, the possibilities are endless.

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