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Strikes and Counters Cheat Sheet

Krav Maga Training (1.52M subscribers)

This channel revolves around an Italian Krav Maga Master Trainer. If you are okay with subtitles (or you can speak Italian) this is an excellent channel to subscribe to with over sixty videos to date, a regular upload schedule, and clear training demonstrations that anyone can follow along with.

Global Martial Arts University (100k subscribers)

This channel covers a variety of different martial arts disciplines. Their focus series on Krav Maga is geared towards absolute beginners and is presented in a logical sequence. Clear instruction, a dedicated Krav Maga series, and a focus on solid fundamentals make this channel a go-to for Krav Maga novices. Lessons vary in length though many are on the longer side - block off thirty minutes or so for the bulk of this series’ lessons.

Cannabis Cultivation Explained

Cannabis Oil Cheat Sheet

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