Walter Shields

Author & Contributor

Walter Shields is an SQL mentor, author, and data management entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the field. He has worked with data-driven organizations such as the Target Corporation and the NYC Transit Authority and has been a patient, helpful mentor for hundreds of thrilled and successful students.

Mr. Shields is the principal of Datadecided, a Tableau provider that helps businesses of all sizes communicate and understand their data in a visual medium.


SQL is the workhorse programming language that forms the backbone of modern data management and interpretation.

Any database management professional will tell you that despite trendy data management languages that come and go, SQL remains the most widely used and most reliable to date, with no signs of stopping. In this comprehensive guide, experienced mentor and SQL expert Walter Shields draws on his considerable knowledge to make the topic of relational database management accessible, easy to understand, and highly actionable.

SQL QuickStart Guide is ideal for those seeking to increase their job prospects and enhance their careers, for developers looking to expand their programming capabilities, or for anyone who wants to take advantage of our inevitably data-driven future—even with no prior coding experience!

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