Troy Noonan is an author, full-time professional day trader, and trading coach with decades of experience studying markets and their behavior.

Troy Noonan

Author & Contributor

Troy Noonan is an author, full-time professional day trader, trade system developer, and trading coach with decades of experience in the study of markets and their behavior. The original Backpack Trader, Noonan cut his teeth executing trades in internet cafes while backpacking through Europe and traveling in South America in the late nineties. Using the freedom that trading provides, he continues to travel the globe and execute trades from the road.

As a teacher and mentor, Noonan has helped thousands of students in more than one hundred countries take the plunge and find day trading success on their own terms. He has single-handedly developed and refined numerous effective trading strategies, including the wildly popular Counter-Punch Trader, Spotlight Master Suite, and Catapult Trader methods, to name a couple of his most recent.

His signature strategies are simple, accessible, and highly effective for new and veteran traders alike. The durable and robust nature of Noonan’s creations has been tested and proven time and time again—they are just as effective today as the day they were released.

With a professional trading career that spans decades, Noonan has extensive experience in successfully applying and teaching others the art and science of forex, futures, options contracts, and day trading.

Noonan’s newest book, Forex Trading QuickStart Guide provides unique insight into the best ways that absolute beginners can learn to trade the largest markets in the world - the foreign exchange markets.

Noonan is the founder and CEO of, a coaching and trading services provider. Connect with him at or visit his LinkedIn page.

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Day Trading QuickStart Guide by veteran trader Troy Noonan

Troy’s first book, Day Trading QuickStart Guide benefits from his considerable experience. The book distills years of successes, failures, strategies, and winning trade plans into the simplest possible ideal path for new day traders, no matter their lifestyle objectives.

Complete with a selection of powerful trading tools available as digital downloads, Day Trading QuickStart Guide smashes the myth that day traders are gamblers or risk junkies. Using Troy's strategies anyone can find success within the exciting world of day trading.

Day Trading QuickStart Guide by Troy Noonan
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