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Morgen B Rochard, CFA, CFP®, RLP®

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Morgen B Rochard, CFA, CFP®, RLP®, is an Investopedia Top 100 financial advisor, author, podcaster, and founder of Origin Wealth Advisers LLC, a registered investment advisor. Her newest book Personal Finance QuickStart Guide is available now.

At Origin, Morgen focuses on driving personal connections and getting to the root of the financial success of her clients. This is a natural extension of her mission to help others live their most fulfilled, financially stress-free lives. 

Morgen’s approach is designed to help her clients find peace of mind with all aspects of their situation—financial and beyond. As a Registered Life Planner® her role is to help others truly live their passion. This framework helps clients explore what is most important to them, dive deeper into what they want to prioritize, and remove any obstacles that may get in their way.

Before striking out on her own, Morgen worked extensively with such notable financial heavyweights as UBS Financial Services and Merrill Lynch. Connect with Morgen at and find her insight at the Money Owners podcast.

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Are you in control of your financial situation?

At a time when so many people feel like money rules their lives, take back control and empower yourself to build the secure financial future you deserve. Personal finance fundamentals aren’t the complex boogeyman some would make them out to be, but many people still find financial success elusive. This book changes that. 

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, authorpodcaster, and financial advisor, Morgen Rochard CFA, CFP®, RLP ® knows what it takes to reach your financial goals, whatever they may be. In Personal Finance QuickStart Guide, Morgen has distilled a career’s worth of experience in the financial world into an uncommonly helpful guide to the common money problems we all face.


January 2020
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