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David DuRocher

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David DuRocher is a web development instructor, author, and a 10+ year veteran at a Fortune 500 tech company. With over a decade of experience in web development education David knows how to cut right to the fundamentals. With his guidance, students have built practical HTML, CSS, and other coding language skillsets that keep pace with cutting edge of the industry. David’s results-oriented teaching methods, extensive hands-on experience, and engaging style deliver time and time again on his promise that truly anyone can learn the skills needed to build a professional tech career. 

He is currently a technical account manager for Adobe, an industry-leading Fortune 500 and Fortune Future 50 company, and a web development instructor at Noble Desktop. Before his current roles, David taught advanced tech and development concepts the College of Technology, City University of New York and managed web marketing for the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University. His new book HTML and CSS QuickStart Guide is available now from publisher ClydeBank Media. 

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Master HTML and CSS fundamentals to create beautiful websites.

Every one of the more than four billion web pages online today uses HTML markup language to display its content. Despite common misconceptions, learning to design websites using HTML is as easy as it is rewarding. Mastery of HTML and CSS fundamentals is not only an essential web design skill but is also the solid foundation of a robust coding skillset.

Author, instructor, and Fortune 500 tech company veteran David DuRocher breaks down HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals into engaging segments designed for first-time developers. David’s unique approach to teaching HTML and CSS principles means that readers are ready to start designing from the very first chapter without an avalanche of boring jargon or dry technobabble.