SQL QuickStart Guide

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Structured Query Language or SQL (pronounced sequel by many) is the most widely used programming language used in database management, and it is the standard language for Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). SQL programming allows users to return, analyze, create, manage and delete data within a database – all within a few commands.

With more industries and organizations relying on the power of data, the need for an efficient, scalable solution for data management is required. More often than not, organizations find a solution through the implementation of a Relational Database Management System.

SQL QuickStart Guide shows you everything you need to know to utilize SQL in whatever capacity you may need in simple and easy to follow concepts. With step-by-step hand-on examples leading you the entire way through the text, you will be using the programming syntax in no time at all!


  • What relational databases are and how they are structured
  • Why knowing SQL is important
  • The fundamentals of SQL programming syntax
  • How to retrieve any type of data you may need within your database
  • The important differences in SQL syntax across database programs

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Published Date

November 19, 2019

About the Author

Walter Shields has worked with SQL and databases for over eighteen years, helping organizations such as Target Corporation, NYC Transit Authority, and NYC Administration for Children’s Services successfully leverage and understand their data using SQL. While Walter’s self-described path through the emerging industry of data science in the late 1990s was anything but straightforward, he firmly believed that SQL did not have to be so daunting for everyone else.

Walter’s desire to simplify the learning process eventually led him to start teaching students in a coffee shop in Tribeca, New York, equipped with nothing but a laptop full of SQL learning materials. Since then, his mentorship has turned into its own business: SQL Training Wheels (https://sqltrainingwheels.com).

When not teaching students, Walter can be found working on his latest business, Datadecided (https://datadecided.com), a Tableau-based data visualization company that helps medium and large businesses leverage their data with actionable data visualizations.

SQL QuickStart Guide by Walter Shields is the best new SQL title for 2020 and beyond.
SQL QuickStart Guide
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