9 Reasons Your Messaging Should Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Every good salesperson knows that no matter how slick or how sexy your product is, no one will buy it if they don’t understand what the heck it is or what it does.

The real test of success is whether or not your customers are willing to pay for what you have to offer, and that means helping them understand what exactly it is that you are offering.

This is the realm of marketing and messaging. In the world of news feeds, scrolling forever, and must-see cat videos, how do you educate your audience without losing their attention?

How do you keep your customers engaged?

A big part of answering that question happens on the back end: targeting the right people, putting your message in front of them, and so on. But a boring message, even in front of the perfect prospect, won’t convert. In fact, it could have a negative impact on that person’s impression of your brand.

The solution?

Whiteboard explainer videos. Check out this list of nine reasons why your business needs to embrace whiteboard explainer videos today.

First, what is a whiteboard explainer video?

By now you must have seen one of these. They are the fun, upbeat videos that explain concepts using characters who look as if they were drawn on a whiteboard. They are crisp and clean, and use a lot of negative space.

The above whiteboard video is a sample from Fiverr Creator magickgraphics (5.0 rated, 1k+ ratings) and is used with permission.

Sometimes the animation includes a quick hand with a marker drawing out the action in real time. Sometimes they are just animated in the whiteboard style. But no matter how they are executed, they all serve the same purpose: to convey a concept in a way that is engaging, clean, and concise.

The above whiteboard video is a sample from Fiverr Creator djyoung (5.0 rated, 1k+ ratings) and is used with permission.

Even if you don’t bother reading this list and jump right to the end to easily get your own cost-effective whiteboard explainer videos, watch enough of them and you will understand the appeal.

1. The format is easy to understand and consume.

All the talk concerning engagement and messaging goes out the window if your messaging can’t do its job of conveying information. Whiteboard explainer videos convey concepts in a clean, simple presentation. The abundance of negative space (white space) means that the concepts take front and center, and that the presentation looks good on screens of all sizes, and in video players of all types.

Abundant white space means that the eye is drawn to the action, and that concepts are presented with visual clarity.

2. There is lots of room for creativity.

From whimsical to stuffy and everything in between, the sky's the limit when it comes to the level of creativity that you can infuse into your whiteboard explainer video. And when it comes to messaging in this day and age, the more creative the better.

Remember, you are competing with every other brand out there for your audience’s finite supply of attention. That means stand out, or risk getting lost in the noise.

3. Whiteboard explainer videos are a cost-effective messaging option.

Whiteboard explainer videos are much less expensive than conventional videos. No lights, actors, sets, etc. And the best part is that there is an army of freelancers waiting to produce whiteboard video explainers tailor-made to your specs.

Professionals work from a massive library of characters, animation styles, and templates to transform your script into an engaging explainer video, and they can do it with a quick turnaround.

Need custom work?

The simple design of whiteboard explainer video characters and imagery means that custom work stays inexpensive and can still be turned around quickly.

4. Video is a high-engagement format.

As marketers, we all know that video is the future of online conversion.

But let’s face it—people are done with the majority of branded videos. The jangly guitar and the polished actors are a tired trope and don’t engage like they used to. Plus, watch enough of them and they all kind of blur together into a sea of fake smiles and smooth transitions.

Whiteboard explainer videos, on the other hand, allow you to present your material with a fresh face. The clean, whimsical nature drives engagement while the bold lines and simple shapes look good on screens of all sizes.

5. There is room for storytelling components.

Whiteboard videos allow marketers and brands to tell stories in the grand tradition. The animated nature of the medium also allows characters to act out narratives that explain how their products and services work, showcase features and benefits, and relate to the audience in the ways that only effective storytelling can.

This creative approach helps brands stand out of the crowd and is an inexpensive alternative to hiring a production company or actors to achieve the same results.

6. Simple sells.

The simplistic presentation is disarming, even for complex topics, and encourages your audience to continue watching.

Of course, a key aspect of the success and impact of whiteboard explainer videos is in the script and the flow of the presented concepts. Yet the structure and nature of the whiteboard format promises to present ideas in a digestible format.

When you analyze your business...are you building the best SWOT?

7. Whiteboard explainer videos are still new.

Whiteboard videos are rapidly gaining popularity, but they are by no means saturated yet. There may be some day in the future when whiteboards are just as overused as more traditional branded videos, but that day hasn’t come yet, and it still isn’t even visible on the horizon.

That means that embracing whiteboard videos now could be a way to get ahead of the competition. It is also a way to revitalize or refresh an existing campaign by sticking out from the crowd.

8. Whiteboard explainer videos don’t have to be in 4k to look good.

Crisp lines and bold detail can still look good on phones with less-than-ideal connections, and the compressed file size means faster load times and less waiting. Don’t even get me started on how fast your audience shrinks the longer they have to wait for their content.

The reliance on negative space is another asset when video playback is restricted to lower definitions.

With more hi-def screens and stable connections, live action videos featuring real actors need to be shot in the highest possible quality to compete. Whiteboard videos and other forms of animation creatively skirt the issue of ultra-high definition by looking crisp and using bold detail (as opposed to fine detail).

What is the product lifecycle?

9. Whiteboard videos are just plain fun.

Animation has captivated us since its inception around the turn of the twentieth century. It’s easy to get lost in pondering the ways that whiteboard videos can be content assets, but let’s take a second to stop and think about what they actually represent.

How cool would it be if you sketched some zany characters on a whiteboard and they came to life? That same sense of creating your own world is preserved in a well-executed whiteboard explainer video.

And think about what we use real, physical whiteboards for: to present our ideas in a clear, visual way. Whiteboards are familiar, and that means that whiteboard videos already have a tie-in to a familiar presentation method.

Because what are complex concepts but a bunch of smaller, less complex concepts? Animation has always been a great way to visually model complex or intricate concepts. This is a modern, cost-effective twist on the way things have always been done.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that whiteboard explainer videos are great content assets to add to your messaging portfolio.

They are fun, cost-effective, and stand out from the crowd. The best part is, there is an army of professional freelancers standing by to create high-quality whiteboard explainer videos for your brand.

We know that more people are consuming more content on more devices, and that whiteboard videos look great across devices. The real question is, what are you waiting for?

Interested in supercharging your messaging efforts?

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