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ClydeBank Media Contributors are authors. You don’t have to be a great writer to be a great author. Our contributors work with “compiling writers” to put your book together using your words and your voice. Our production process is fast, easy, and effective, culminating with the distribution of your book throughout multiple global distribution channels, backed by an aggressive, multifaceted marketing campaign.

In today’s crowded information marketplace, there is no substitute for working with professionals, and, as many experienced authors will tell you, there are no shortcuts to quality. There are many people in the world who have a book inside them—it’s the process of getting all of those words on paper that’s the problem. That’s where ClydeBank Media comes in. We want to share the book you have inside you.


1. Spread your Influence

The ClydeBank Media brand is by professionals for professionals. We respect and value your time and contribution, and all of our contributors have the peace of mind that comes with partnering with like-minded individuals who respect your name and reputation as if it were their own. Throughout the project, you will be working directly with professional writers, editors, and designers who have a proven track record of creating bestselling titles.

ClydeBank Media is an established brand with credibility and ever-growing magnetism. Our relationships with our contributors result in mutually beneficial agreements. Contributors gain a professional asset in the form of a prominent credit on a published work, and ClydeBank Media continues its tradition of providing accurate and up-to-date information for its readers.

2. Work with Professionals

Spread your influence with our comprehensive and sophisticated global distribution network. Through your ClydeBank Media title, your name is placed in front of a global audience backed by a leading, trusted brand. This can be leveraged into a variety of new opportunities for your personal brand and your company.

A published title is better than any business card and can build tremendous amounts of influence within an industry. Partnering with ClydeBank Media means signing on with a professional team that works hard to ensure your experience receives the recognition it deserves.

3. Create Passive Income

In addition to the resume-friendly author credit, ClydeBank Media contributors receive a passive income stream in the form of quarterly royalty payments from the sale of their title.

Aside from your role in the ongoing promotion of your title, ClydeBank Media handles everything from retail and wholesale distribution to global marketing and advertising campaigns.



“I want to produce a passive income stream through royalty payments from book sales.”

ClydeBank Media pays contributors industry-standard royalties from book sales across all formats on a quarterly basis.

“I want to use my book to help establish myself as a thought leader in my industry or career field.”

We distribute our titles through a wide-reaching network with placement in several different international markets. These markets include placements that range from higher education to independent bookstores and everything in between.

“I want to use my book to help grow my business.”

A book is the best business card there is. What better way to provide initial value to your audience and increase their awareness than through a helpful and information-packed book?

“I want my book to augment my resume and help me with career advancement opportunities.”

Writing a book takes mastery of concepts, dedication, passion, strong organizational skills, and attention to detail. This makes a published book an excellent addition to any resume and can make the difference between a job offer and a rejection letter in a competitive field.

“I am an educator and I want to be able to use my book as a tool in my own classroom.”

Traditional and nontraditional educators can access ClydeBank Media titles through our distribution network for use as tools in the classroom.

“I want to make a positive impact in the lives of others.”

Since the earliest days of the written word, learning has always opened doors. The personal development, skills success, and continual learning aspects of the titles that ClydeBank Media publishes make a real impact in the lives of our readers.


Investing QuickStart Guide | Author: Ted D. Snow, CFP®, MBA


Date Published: September 2018

Author Testimonial:

“I always wanted to write a book but I didn’t have the time to do it on my own nor did I have the skills to know how to put all the pieces together. I would never have been able to pull this off without ClydeBank Media. When I show my clients the book their eyes light up. They are extremely impressed that I am a published author. It has provided a new level of appreciation and credibility to our relationship.”

- Ted D. Snow, CFP®, MBA


Ted D. Snow, CFP®, MBA, has been working in the financial services industry since 1987. He has contributed numerous articles featured in outlets like CNBC, Investopedia, and Forbes. Ted has appeared twice on D Magazine’s Best Financial Planners in Dallas list. He is the founder of Snow Financial Group LLC and holds an MBA in financial planning from the University of Dallas, where he graduated magna cum laude. Ted and his wife Mary live in the greater Dallas metro area.

Investing QuickStart Guide by Ted D. Snow CFP, MBA

Accounting QuickStart Guide | Author: Josh Bauerle, CPA

Accounting QuickStart Guide by Josh Bauerle CPA

Date Published: October 2018

Author Testimonial:

“I thought my compiling author did an excellent job managing the project, turning my ideas into reality and developing a title that matched the target audience. I’d highly recommend working with ClydeBank Media to create a high-quality book that will be a personal and business branding asset for years to come!”

- Josh Bauerle, CPA


Josh Bauerle, CPA, over the course of his ten-plus years in the industry, has experienced a wide range of roles in the accounting world. This experience has allowed him to see firsthand the importance of proper accounting at all levels of business. Josh has become a sought-after expert in the accounting and tax industry, appearing on some of the largest business podcasts in the country and on national TV shows.

Josh Bauerle is the author of Accouting QuickStart Guide published by ClydeBank Media
Accounting QuickStart Guide by Josh Baurle CPA

Starting A Business QuickStart Guide | Author: Ken Colwell, PhD, MBA

Starting a Business QuickStart by Ken Colwell PhD, MBA

Date Published: February 2019

Author Testimonial:

“My compiling author did an excellent job of taking my ideas and expanding on them. He didn’t hesitate to take a deeper dive into the subjects I touched on and lent my voice to his research.”

- Ken Colwell, PhD, MBA


Ken Colwell, PhD, MBA is a seasoned strategic and operational leader with extensive experience working within entrepreneurial ecosystems and interacting with relevant private and public sector stakeholders at all levels in order to accomplish objectives. He has consulted for hundreds of start-up ventures and is the principal of Innovative Growth Advisors.

Ken Colwell - Author of Starting a Business QuickStart Guide. Published by ClydeBank Media.
Starting a Business QuickStart Guide by Ken Colwell PhD, MBA


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