Our Products

Who creates your books and courses?
We work with industry professionals and subject matter experts to compile high-quality learning materials. Our products are created cooperatively between our team and industry partners.

Our team consists of professional writers, editors, designers, video producers, curriculum developers and marketers across the US. Learn more about our team of professional contributors here.

What formats are your books available in?
Books are available in both print and digital formats including paperback, hardcover, and the industry standard
range of digital downloads including .epub, .mobi, and .pdf file formats

Where do you sell your books?
We sell our books through leading retailers and wholesalers across the world. We also sell them directly to customer via our website.

Where do you sell your courses?
We sell our courses exclusively through our website. We do not sell them via any third-party marketplace or retailer. All course content is hosted by our own learning management system (LMS).

How are your courses different from others on the market?
Our courses are developed by certified industry professionals in conjunction with our team of professional content creators and editors. Each course includes multiple elements to keep students engaged, improve their experience with the course and increase their retention of the content. These elements include interactive quizzes, assessments and surveys as well as gamification and competitive leaderboard functionality.

Our Affiliate Program

Who can apply to the affiliate program?
Anyone who has a relevant audience can apply to the affiliate program. If you are a blogger, YouTuber, author, podcaster, social media influencer, have a mailing list or even have a small to mid-sized social media following, you can apply to the affiliate program.

How can I make money with the affiliate program?
Once you are approved for the affiliate program you will be provided with unique affiliate links that are specific to the offer and your affiliate account. You can promote current offers using the promotional materials we provide, or your own promotional materials along with your unique affiliate links.

When someone in your audience purchases our products through your unique link, you are credited with the sale and will receive a commission based on the effective commission rate for that offer. There is no limit to amount of money you can earn as an affiliate.

Do I need to be located in the US to participate in the affiliate program?
Yes. Currently we are only accepting US-based affiliate partners.

Do I need to apply to each affiliate offer?
Some offers may be available upon affiliate approval, while others may require additional approval. Details can be found in your affiliate dashboard.

How do I update my profile?
Current affiliates may update their profile by navigating to “My Profile” and clicking the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the page.

What type of products can I promote?
Through our affiliate program you can promote our QuickStart Guides™ and QuickStart Courses™.

Where can I see a list of currently active offers?
Once you are logged into your account, navigate to the ‘Offers’ page for a list of all currently active offers. Each offer will list relevant details such as commission rates, bonuses and promotional materials. If you are not currently approved for an offer and would like to promote it, you will also be able to apply on the ‘Offers’ page.

How often are new offers added?
Offers are added regularly as we develop new products. Occasionally we will also provide limited-time offers with a specific time frame to push hot products or reward affiliates for their hard work. We will notify you in advance of limited-time offers.

Do you provide promo and marketing materials for each offer?
Yes, we provide mockups, product previews, high-quality promotional graphics, email swipe files and sales sheets for each of our current offers.

What are the affiliate leaderboard bonuses for your offers?
Leaderboard bonuses vary based on the terms of our offers. Bonuses range from cash prizes to commission multipliers and transaction-based bonuses. Please review the details of each offer to learn more about any currently active leaderboard bonuses or if an offer is leaderboard-enabled.

Where can I find the complete terms of the ClydeBank Media Affiliate Program?
The complete terms of the ClydeBank Media Affiliate Program Agreement can be found here.

Getting Paid

Why do I need to complete a W9?
We ask that all members of the affiliate program submit a completed W9 form so that we can process commission payments. You will not be able to receive your commission payments until we have received your accurate, completed W9 form.

If approved, will I be an employee of ClydeBank Media?
No. Approved affiliates are independent contractors and are not employed by ClydeBank Media.

What are my payment options?
We pay your earned commissions on a monthly basis via PayPal. Please check that your PayPal email address on file is accurate to ensure that payments are not interrupted. You may also request to receive your commissions in the form of a check that will be sent to an address you provide. There is a minimum payout of $25 if you elect to receive commissions this way.

What is the referral rate for ClydeBank Media’s products?
We offer various rates based on the price point, margin, and popularity of our products. Please review the “Offers” page once you are logged into your affiliate account to see all currently active offers along with the commission rate for each offer.

Is there a limit to how much I can make as an affiliate?
No. You have an unlimited earning potential as an affiliate.

How often are commissions paid?
Commission payments are processed via PayPal approximately 60 days after the end of the month in which the qualifying sale occurred.

Where can I see a report of my commissions?
Current affiliates may view up-to-date commission reports at any time by navigating to the “Reports” section of their affiliate dashboard.

Will you send me a 1099 at the end of the year?
No, in most circumstances we will not. There are, however, payment thresholds that create the conditions under which you may receive a 1099 from us or our payment processor PayPal. You are responsible for reporting your earned commissions to all local and federal agencies during your end-of-year tax reporting.